Aaron Peart-Smith

As an experienced personal trainer with 15 years of expertise, I specialize in postural correction, body transformation, sports rehab, and boxing. My versatile style, backed by over a decade of boxing and training experience, delivers exceptional results for clients of all fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes. With a focus on safety and health, […]

Ahmed Al-Harris

My passion is to help you rediscover your confidence and transform your life. As your personal trainer, I am dedicated to finding the best fitness approach for your unique body type. With my expertise in fitness, life coaching, and nutrition, I’ll guide you to overcome mental and physical barriers. With years of experience, including my […]

Wenke Tackmann

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and have been working in the fitness industry for several years. I want to share my passion for fitness and help others to experience the same positive changes in life as I did! If there is one thing more fulfilling to me than reaching a personal goal, it’s helping […]

Mohamad Hussain

I specialise in offering a holistic approach to your health, fitness, and wellness. My focus is on disease management, prevention, and specialized fitness training to help develop your body from previous issues you may have had. I also specialise in dynamic fitness training like boxing to help you stay in the best shape of your […]