FITSTUDIOZ Terms and Conditions

All of the Terms contained herein apply equally to fitness professionals (including personal trainers, class hosts, fitness instructors, etc.) who sign up to FITSTUDIOZ (defined throughout as “Users”, “you”, “your”).


All reference to ‘FITSTUDIOZ’ refers to FITSTUDIOZ and its representatives. Facilities refer to the fitness booths, fitness studio, communal area and shower/changing rooms where applicable.

Users of FITSTUDIOZ are bound, as a condition of signing up and using the Facilities, to comply with the Terms set out below. This is to ensure that the Facilities are properly and safely used and that all Users and their clients (including class attendees) have full advantage of them without interfering with the enjoyment of others.

Acceptance of your submission and any subsentence withdrawal of use of FITSTUDIOZ is at FITSTUDIOZ’s absolute discretion.

User Obligations

Users must, at your own expense, obtain personal insurance for loss, injury or damage that you or your client might sustain arising from use of the Facilities. Users train and/or run classes at your own discretion and accept any injury or illness to you or your client brought on by exercise as your own responsibility.

At the time of, or prior to, signing up to FITSTUDIOZ, Users must provide valid proof of insurance and qualifications.

Users must:

• book via the online portal on our app for each one hour slot at least an hour prior to the session;

• be on time for your client or classes and where, for unforeseen circumstances, you find yourself being delayed, you must at your earliest possibility contact your client and/or if you are holding a class notify FITSTUDIOZ via email at support@FITSTUDIOZ.com . Repeated occurrences may lead to disciplinary action;

• complete the session within the allocated slot booked and not run over into someone else’s slot, this includes having left the Facilities and packed up within the time you booked;

• leave the Facilities tidy with all the equipment placed carefully back into its rightful place;

• take reasonable measures to reduce sound and disturbance to neighbours and other members around you;

• ensure the door is locked properly behind you;

• respect other users and clients and present FITSTUDIOZ in a respectable and professional manner; and

• be able to independently operate the doors, after demonstration by FITSTUDIOZ during the introduction, and not require assistance by FITSTUDIOZ unless in emergencies.

Users must ensure that their mobile phone, or other technological device, which they use to open the doors are charged and working at all times. Where your phone stops working, Users should try to find an immediate replacement or provide FITSTUDIOZ with reasonable notice to assist you. FITSTUDIOZ is under no obligation to provide entry.

Users must not:

• leave the building without ensuring your clients have left the premises and where clients shower, you must wait for them to leave in the communal area (except where you are running another session);

• turn up without booking an allocated slot, if you do so and use the Facilities FITSTUDIOZ has the right to invoice you double the standard rate.

• remove items outside of the booths and/or studio.

Users are under no obligation to answer the doorbell for other users’ clients, except where requested to do so by FITSTUDIOZ prior to the occurrence.

Users must request consent from FITSTUDIOZ to use the name and branding of FITSTUDIOZ and in any case providing full credit to FITSTUDIOZ, but absolutely

cannot use FITSTUDIOZ in malice.

Any faults must be immediately reported to FITSTUDIOZ via support@FITSTUDIOZ.com or via the app. Including related to the equipment, premises, lighting, etc. Where any faults are not reported, FITSTUDIOZ has every reason to assume the fault occurred under the last session in the booth/studio and unless proved otherwise, the user of that session will be held liable to pay for the damages.

Any complaints received by clients must be passed on immediately via email to support@FITSTUDIOZ.com and the User must do their utmost to minimise the situation by ensuring they handle the issue in a professional manner.

Users wishing to report on accidents, incidents, or problems with the Facilities should contact FITSTUDIOZ immediately, or as soon as is reasonable, at support@FITSTUDIOZ.com .

Opening Hours and Updates

FITSTUDIOZ preserves the right to vary the opening hours as considered necessary for the proper operation of the Facilities.

As a User you agree to comply with the Terms of FITSTUDIOZ with regards to use of the Facilities, opening hours and your conduct. FITSTUDIOZ may make reasonable changes to these Terms, from time to time, provided FITSTUDIOZ gives reasonable notice of these changes.


Users must ensure that all clients act safely and properly whilst using the equipment and Facilities. Users also have the responsibility to ensure that their clients do not disturb other users and clients of the Facilities. Clients must leave the premises before the User does.

Safety & Hygiene

Before using the Facilities, you should go through a basic introductory session with FITSTUDIOZ, followed by further sessions (as necessary) to ensure that you understand the equipment and adopt a safe training regime that suits your needs. The booking of this is your sole responsibility.

It is necessary that all Users and their clients of FITSTUDIOZ wear appropriate, clean attire and foot wear when using the Facilities.

If Users or your client feels dizzy, faint, unwell or feels any unusual pain then you must stop exercising, take a rest and drink some water.

In the interest of hygiene, cleaners are hired to clean the Facilities and Users and clients should be respectable towards the cleaners if they are within FITSTUDIOZ at the same time. The cleaners should not disturb your session and if any problems occur, Users should email support@FITSTUDIOZ.com . The cleaners will wipe down equipment but where it is appropriate to do so, Users should wipe down each piece of equipment after use to ensure a tidy environment for the next user.


  1. FITSTUDIOZ will provide invoices at the end of each week which will include the date and amount owed within that week. Users have an obligation to pay invoices on time as specified by the date on the invoice, no later than 7 days after it was issued. Invoices must be paid of the full amount via either, direct debit mandate or pre purchased sessions.
  2. Refunds are not offered in any circumstance. Pre-purchased essions do not have an expiry date, unless the sessions purchased are under an offer, in such case expiry date will clearly be defined.
  3. Free cancellations have to be made via the app within at least a 12hour period prior to session to avoid a full charge being taken. Unless you’re a STAR PT.

Where a User has not booked a slot but uses the Facilities, FITSTUDIOZ will invoice Users double the standard rate which Users must pay on time without exceptions.

Lawful Use

Users may not copy, download, reproduce, republish, post or otherwise use our websites content appearing on our site, or any other media (including Facebook and Instagram), in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use. Users may also not copy, infringe, reproduce, or otherwise use FITSTUDIOZ intellectual property, ideas or alike, in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use. Any other use of such content or intellectual property requires permission of FITSTUDIOZ.

Users agree only to use our website, social pages and Facilities for completely lawful purposes, in a way that does not infringe the rights of, restrict or inhibit the use or enjoyment of this site or our Facilities by any third party. Prohibited behavior includes but is not limited to defamation, damaging the security of our website or Facilities, harassing, causing distress or inconvenience to any person, damaging content or intellectual property on our website or Facilities, transmitting obscene or offensive content or anything which may affect the effective operation of FITSTUDIOZ.


In the event of a breach of User terms and conditions, FITSTUDIOZ reserves the right of admission and may reserve the right to require any User or client to leave the premises. Any User found in breach of terms or committing an illegal act, including theft, will be asked to permanently leave FITSTUDIOZ and be barred from ever entering FITSTUDIOZ again. No refunds will be given.

Limitation of Liability

Our websites content, is provided on an “as is” and on a “voluntary access” basis without any representations or any kind of warranty whether express, implied or statutory of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, compatibility, security and accuracy. Users access our website at your own, sole risk and liability without exception.

FITSTUDIOZ will not be liable for any damages, including consequential damages, or any damages arising from the loss of use, interruption of trade, financial loss or damages, whether in contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising from or in connection with the use of our website or Facilities.

If any provisions of these terms and conditions are found to be illegal, outdated, less legally preferable in a legal action or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws in the country in which these terms are intended to be effective, then to the extent that term is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from these terms and the remaining terms shall survive, remain in full force and effect. FITSTUDIOZ refuse to accept liability for parties who do not make us openly aware of faults and later deny such observations in legal action.

These terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England.

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