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Elevate Performance and Well-being through Corporate Fitness Solutions.

FITSTUDIOZ are joining forces with firms across the capital to incentivise their employees to come back into the office.
With WFH being very ‘on trend’ and corporate wellness becoming a necessity on any job description. Firms are collaborating with FITSTUDIOZ to bring the boutique high street booths into their own establishments; utilising their unused space.

“Fitness Suites don’t need to boast the best view nor need to be particularly large. We have years of experience making the most out of small spaces, delivering phenomenal services and avoiding the misconception of being a typical ‘gym’ . ”     

– Seb Ferrari, FITSTUDIOZ Founder. 


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Increase in productivity 

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Decrease in absenteeism

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Lower employee turnover rate

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Higher satisfaction with their jobs

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Increase in employee morale

These statistics demonstrate the positive impact that corporate wellness programs can have on various aspects of employees’ well-being, ultimately encouraging them to return to the office and contribute to a healthier and more productive work environment.

If you think your firm could benefit from some if not all we have to offer, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team can accommodate any size corporation from small to large while offering fantastic packages to suit any budget.

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