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Personal Training is finally getting the recogniton it deserves! The physical as well as mental health benefits are hitting the media and people are beginning to invest in themselves. 

However, you may feel it’s still a little archaic in the way gyms as well as some PT studios treat you. Having to do so many hours to ‘earn your keep’  in a gym or having to pay extortionate monthly rentals just to be given a key; seems a little absurd and is the single greatest factor for PT businesses failing. 

The FITSTUDIOZ solution is simple, rather than cashing in on PTs before they even conduct a session, we work with them to ensure they’ve every chance possible to grow their business and thrive! If you’re busy, so are we.

Don't Overpay

You only pay what you need.


pay as you go

Using our bespoke app, Personal Trainers book hourly slots, as and when they need. 

no limits!


If you're organised enough to have bookings in place months in advance, we commend that. Lock those bookings in right away and rest assured your preferred booth is secured. We don't charge for this, it seems a necessity not a luxury.

payment Options

Personal Training is your passion, book keeping is not!

With our various methods available to book sessions within the StudioZ. You’re never up against it! Whether you want to pay for sessions up front, pay on demand minutes before the session or simply receive and pay an invoice at the end of each week.

We’ve got you covered!

Frequently asked Questions

All you need to know

Fair question! 

Nobody else has done a PT Studio quite like us, so explaining the unknown is always expected.

We bring the ‘Personal’ back to Personal Training.

Offering private spaces to train with everything you could possibly need and more! From cables to bikes, treadmills to racks. You have it all at your disposal. 

Nobody else will be using your space at the time you’ve booked it for.  

Simply put, yes. If you’re not busy then nor are we.

We have an average footfall of 16,000 each day!

We work very closely with local businesses as well as strive to be on the top of any local Google search. Making us the first stop for anyone in the area looking for Personal Training.

If you’re looking for more clients you can sign up to our ‘Star PT’ package and thrive from all the benefits.

STAR PT is a monthly rolling package available to any PT looking to gain more clients or take advantage of some added perks….

  • An Online Profile on the website.

  • A Profile Displayed in the front window.

  • Unlimited SELF Training sessions.

  • Last Minute Cancellations 

  • FREE Coffees at our Honesty Bar.

  • FREE Hoodie on sign up.

The COST is £36/month

The packages are limited to 12 per centre and can be purchased by notifying the team via email. 

It is rolling monthly so you can use it to boost sales and then cancel at any time.

It couldn’t be easier!

You can sign up and get started via the app. Simply click the link below to download the app.

Alternatively, you can click

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